Water Skin

Color and water sensations at World Expo Zaragoza 2008

The Water Tower is a 76-meter tall building located in the Water Metropolitan Park in Zaragoza, Spain. Designed by architect Enrique de Teresa, It was built as part of the Expo2008, which had Water and Sustainable Development as its theme.

A “water skin”, made of blue tones filters, wraps the façade of the iconic building highlighting the architecture and conveying sensations of water to the public space around. Six blue tones remind us of the water presence in the five continents and the poles.

The building´s perception changes according to the viewer’s point of view.

Client: Ayto. de Zaragoza
Place: Zaragoza, 2008
Author: Maurici Ginés
Team: artec3 Studio
Awards: Award of Merit
IALD 2009
Photo: ©Miguel Daza ©Xavier Graells