A game of light relationships

“Interludis” symbolizes the identity, equality and differences of individuals as positive values using light and colour. The linear elements, or interferences, which project from the pieces generating changes of perception according to the position of the viewer, represent the individuality while the background colour the social environment that conditions us.

The chromatic compositions express the value of the difference between people and, at the same time, that our essence as individuals is the same. In this interplay of relationships, individuals have the ability to transform their surroundings through their own interference in them, leaving their subtle colour impression in life.

Dimensions: 85x85cm
Materials: Transparent methacrylate, aluminium, dichroic filters, color filters, leds

Past exhibition:

“Interludis”, Instalciones de luz
Maurici Ginés solo exhibition
Galería Abartium
Curator: Eva Cunill
Date: 24.3 - 8.4, 2019

Author: Maurici Ginés
Team: Victor Vinyamata, Ramón Ferreira
Production: summalab
Photo: ©Pep Sau