We offer unique tailor-made light works, created according to the destination and the clients’ needs; generating synergies through people’s interaction.

We have 3 ways of expressing our light works:


The media facade shows the data, "light as artistic information", at World Expo  building

The led matrix system illuminates a translucent polycarbonate that acts as a diffuser and enlarges the size of the pixel.

Five videos with a chromatic range of colors, from cold to warm, are shown. They are launched from a software that has taken data during the day according to the energy produced by the building, so every day the video content is different.

It's fascinating to see how the brain reconstructs the image separated 5 meters by black concrete when working with light in movement and with contents in silhouette, in positive and negative and simple chromatic. The building obtains a new visual communication thanks to the l ighting without altering the architecture of the building.

Client: Ayto. de Zaragoza
Place: Zaragoza, 2008
Authors: Maurici Ginés & Eulalia Valldosera
Awards: Finalist, LAMP’10
Photo: ©Jose Hevia