We offer unique tailor-made light works, created according to the destination and the clients’ needs; generating synergies through people’s interaction.

We have 3 ways of expressing our light works:


the stairwell as an artwork

If we would speak about light, and suggest an hypothesis that the definition of “echo” could be extrapolated as a light phenomenon happening in a light repetition, when the lightwaves hit against an obstacle and reflect back till their initial emission spot, we would then visualise that a snapshot of the light echo in this stairwell could give us the perceptual experience that we witness in this light installation.

Echoes mimics the artwork "Ojos" installed on the façade of the hotel by Federic Amat.

Client: Ohla Boutique Hotels
Project: Ohla Laietana
Content: summalab
Lighting design: artec3
Photo: ©Wenzel