We offer unique tailor-made light works, created according to the destination and the clients’ needs; generating synergies through people’s interaction.

We have 3 ways of expressing our light works:

Cloud Square

Light + water combined powerfully to create a sensorial experience at "Water for Life" World exhibition 

Cloud square was one of the thematic plazas located in the Expo campus by the river Ebro. The foggy plaza playfully highlights man’s relationship with water by changing color, movement and intensity.

In contrast to most of the spectacular installations of Expo 2008 which have disappeared by and by, the striking landmarks of Zaragoza, including the Plaza de la nube (Cloud Square), have found a firm place in the cityscape of Zaragoza. In the bend of the river Ebro lies the plaza, an inconspicuous gravel bed during the day, adjoining the buildings of the "Ebro Espacio".

On certain evenings, however, it changes into an impressive spectacle. Clouds in different colours and shapes drift mystically over the whole square – changing in movement and intensity. So the project, designed by Maurici Ginés and artec3 Studio, following the main subject of the Expo – brilliantly realised the task to combine water and light in one installation.

Ayto. de Zaragoza
Author: Maurici Ginés
Event: Expo Zaragoza 2008
Team: artec3
Photo: ©Eloy Esteban