A playful choreography of light and shadows

For this installation at Light+Building 2018 we used the smallest size of the Palco Family, a direct light luminaire for floodlighting designed by artec3 Studio and produced by iGuzzini.

In addition to the led technology provided by the small luminaire, we incorporated a point-to-point control system through a DMX driver and lighting control to create a playful choreography of lights and shadows that dance together following the beat of music that resembles that of a music box.

Light interacts with the small opaque elements located on the wall casting shadows, which together with the synchronized music generate a variety of lighting compositions.

The light art aims to communicate the power of light and shadow to convey sensations to the audience through the creation of a subtle and delicate content.

Carillon was part of iGuzzini The Light Experience, one of the light fair most visited attractions, also designed by summalab.

Event: Light + Building
Place: Frankfurt
Date: 18-23.03. 2018

Client: iGuzzini
Author: Maurici Ginés
Team: Victor Vinyamata, LedsControl
Photo: ©iGuzzini