We offer unique tailor-made light works, created according to the destination and the clients’ needs; generating synergies through people’s interaction.

We have 3 ways of expressing our light works:

Beat lighting

An installation of light, color and sound for The Light Experience

The goal of this project was to explain the versatility of iGuzzini’s light from an innovative and creative approach. Using three vital elements such as light, color and voice effects ("beatboxing"), we created a two minute long dynamic choreography that run every 15 minutes during the event.

Visitors were immersed in a sensorial experience, where they could “touch and feel” the light, and at the same time learn about light’s potential and its capacity to go beyond our imagination.

After two minutes of intense light and sound effects, the show would end with geometric light shapes that slowly appeared on the main wall, forming an architectural media composition. Once in place, the light painting changed its intensity in a very subtle manner, creating a relaxing movement and setting the mood for the next light experience show.

Commissioned: iGuzzini
Author: Maurici Ginés
Event: Light + Building 2018
Created by: summalab
Team: Victor Vinyamata, Ramón Ferreira Programming: LedsControl
Sound: Pulmon Beatbox Photo/Video: ©iGuzzini